Heat/hot Flushes

It is a sudden rush of heat in the upper body like chest, arms, neck, face. They last for 30 seconds to 10 minutes normally, but can be longer too. They can happen few times in an hour, and many times in a day. They are common during Menopause and Pre-menopause conditions. They can happen while sleeping also, called as night sweats. That wakes you up and makes you uncomfortable and you can’t get enough rest. They can be for few years say 7-10 years. Some can have for a very short period of time. PREVENTION No prevention is available to avoid hot flushes around Menopause. But can keep the triggers away to avoid frequent or severe hot flushes like- • stress • caffeine •alcohol • smoking •spicy food Things that helps – wear lightweight loose fitting clothes mainly of cotton. Slow deep abdominal breathing helps in lowering the frequency.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Exercise also helps – walking, swimming, cycling, and dancing.                                                                                                                      If they are causing trouble then please consult your doctor or go for medical guidance. AYURVEDIC REMEDIES– FOR ALL DOSHAS- • Make a decoction of 2 teaspoon fried ground fenugreek seeds and drink one cup up to three times a day FOR VATA & PITTA- • Add 1 teaspoon ghee, massage the body with dried ground fennel seeds. FOR VATA ONLY – • Take 1-2 teaspoon pure ghee a day. FOR PITTA ONLY – • Take 3-4 tsp pure ghee a day. YOGA SUGGESTIONS • Reclining bound Angle pose (supta budhha konasana) • Setu Bandha Asana • Sarvangasana • Viparita Karani(legs up the wall pose) • Halasana(plough pose) • Vajrasana • Nadi shodhan and Bhramari Pranayama • Butterfly pose

Tattva Yoga is serving people in overall wellness as Yoga, Nutrition and Ayurveda are inter related and work together.

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