Nutrition is the food (nutrients) we take to sustain a healthy life and take care of health issues. For daily life functions, the assimilation of available food into living systems is required, that is NUTRITION, one of the fundamental part of living.

Nutrition itself contains nutrients which are carbohydrates, proteins ,fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre or a roughage and water. These nutrients in right proportions constitute a balanced diet or a healthy diet. Any imbalance in these nutrients leads to nutrient deficiency diseases namely, Anaemia, Scurvy, Night blindness and nutrient excess also leads to life-threatening conditions like obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular anamolies, etc. Undernutrition has been marked by malnutrition which is due to lack of even the basic staple nutrients and diseases caused are Marasmus and Kwashiorkor.

Nutrients are the building blocks of both animal body and plants and ultimately the food chain. A balanced diet improve health and wellbeing of individuals by taking care of healthy heart, Strong teeth and bones, boost immunity, fights fatigue/tiredness and keeps us motivated and energized and rejuvenated.
Nutrition is the natural demand and fundamental right of every living being on this earth.

Tattva Yoga is serving people in overall wellness as Yoga, Nutrition and Ayurveda are inter related and work together.

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