Ayurveda originated around 5000 years back in Pre Vedic period. The Sushruta , Samhita and the Charak Samhita were some of the important texts on Ayurveda in Vedic era. Ayurveda is made of 2 words -Ayus meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge or science. In sanskrit Ayurveda means science of life.

The Panchtattva or the 5 Essential elements are the basis of Ayurveda and the balance among these elements leads to our physical, mental and spiritual health. That is why Ayurveda is Holistic approach of healing. Ayurveda is more of prevention rather than cure. It is a science of life and longevity. Ayurveda emphasizes on building healthy metabolism, maintaining good digestion and proper excretion. It works on elemental constitution( doshas or the prakriti). The three doshas -Vata(wind/spirit/air), Pitta(bile), Kapha(phlegm) are balanced in every body. It teaches by easy practices to be healthy and strong and teaches us many ways to keep calm and composed.

Ayurveda teaches to love yourself as a person in the first place because you are exquisite and unique. Learn to love and embrace yourself as “You” and don’t change yourself for people as no one can be you better than yourself.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” is the basis of Ayurveda. It emphasizes the importance of exercise, yoga and meditation and massage. It believes to rid the body of toxins. Ayurveda purifies the body. The diet and the kind of lifestyle it offers not only does prevent various diseases but also makes the body immune to them and helps to manage it effectively.

Tattva Yoga is serving people in overall wellness as Yoga, Nutrition and Ayurveda are inter related and work together.

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