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Balanced diet means the diet fulfilling all the nutritional needs of an individual. To stay healthy we need certain amount of calories and nutrients. In nutrition, diet is sum of food consumed by a person or any organism. In general, word diet is used for specific intake of nutrition for health or weight management. Some changes in a regular diet can make it a little more healthier. Not necessarily, all to be tried at once, instead add these changes over a time into your life.
  1. Slow down – Your appetite is controlled by your hormones and it takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the messages whether you are hungry or full. So, eating more slowly gives your brain the time that you are full. Slow eating reduces number of calorie intake, more chewing leads to improved weight control.
  2.  Whole grain bread instead of refined as whole grain bread has fibre( which takes care of bowel), B-vitamins, minerals such as, zinc, iron ,magnesium, Manganese.
  3. Add Yogurt To Your Diet- High in protein, calcium, vitamins and probiotics. Probiotics improves digestive system, helps in weight management and boost are immune system.
  4. Eat Eggs– preferably for breakfast. Eggs are rich in protein and many essential nutrients such as choline. They are incredibly healthy if taken in breakfast.
  5. Increased Protein Intake- It is a macro nutrient and has most filling ability and affect your hunger and satiety hormones. It helps to retain muscle mass and also increases the number of calories burnt in workouts per day. Good source of proteins are- dairy products, nuts, eggs, beans, etc.
  6. Drink Enough Water– Increases weight loss and promote weight maintenance. Drinking water before meals reduces your appetite and food intake. Prefer water over other beverages, reduces intake of sugar and calories.
  7. Eat Your Greens First– Eat your Greens as a starter. This way you will finish all your Greens when you are at your hungriest and after words you’ll eat less component when you are not so hungry. This way you cut on calorie intake. This helps in taking nutritious meals and weight management.
  8. Eat fruits instead of taking fruit juices- Fruits are good source of water, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, when eaten are better than fruit juices as juices lack fibre and chewing resistance which makes fruit juice more likely to spike your blood sugar level. Good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. It improves your mood and decrease the feelings of depression, anxiety and stress. Apart from strengthening your muscles and bones, exercise also helps in- -losing weight -increases energy levels -improve sleep.

Tattva Yoga is serving people in overall wellness as Yoga, Nutrition and Ayurveda are inter related and work together.

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